Saturday, October 2, 2010


Saturday Mornings (10/2)

Perfection exists in starbucks delivered right to your door
as an early morning peace offering

it was a good morning filled with endless coffee, catching up on blogs & college football


Friday Nights (10/1)

Crisp air with the echo of the football cheers from the high school game over the hill.

Purple Sunsets.

Clear Indigo skies dotted with bright white stars.

I adore fall, with its promise of boots and chunky cable knit sweaters 
& cool dark mornings perfect for sleeping in

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today I took a breath when I reached my most pissed off point
Dug deep inside
and said
Im sorry 
&meant it with every ounce of my being.

&that is all I have today


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Two for Tuesday yoga classes - lunchtime & dinner time
tuna avo roll

98% there to backbend - so close I can feel it - & oh this is my toe curling orgasmic pose & a practice just doesn't feel complete without it

Just saying no to catered Andy Nelsons bbq lunch and Panera bread bagel yummies in the caf today

This stellar challenge that came just when I needed it
The Universe supplying you with exactly what you need when you need it most yet expect it the least

Arms & core strong from two blissful practices
Rumors that RSB's band may be playing a Mendo festi in December has this chica uber stoked

As I've always wanted to do that drive from San Fran

Going to be doing most of the 215800 on my other blog so check in if you'd like


Monday, June 7, 2010


Today was a hard one - Mondays in general just S-U-C-K.  There was no amount of caffeine that could get my ass to the gym this am.  Restless restless restless - thoughts of the future, weird random past life dwelling and other such nonsense made for a night filled with tossings and turnings.
And then I walked outside.  Into a sunshiny 70 degree cool day.
Flipped off BP as I drove by, par the course these days.
Work.  Stagnant.  There is nothing less thrilling to discuss.
RSB warmed up our free pizza from last night to crispy perfection.
Diet be damned (this is like the 789th day in a row for that declaration)

Every time I see pictures from the oil spill 
(oh why do I torment myself) 
TS Eliot echoes through my mind
this is the way the world ends
not with a bang but a whimper

Yoga tomorrow - wanting a strong flexible body 
& of course not to be the chubby yogini in the studio
dripping sweat starting with the first sun salutation
I think I might need to up the ante with the dash swiftly approaching.
Tomorrow night is Body Attack led by Richard Simmons on speed - 
if a crazed man in spandex chasing after you screaming "high knees" doesn't get your ass in shape
I don't know what will.

I dreamt of California last night.
Driving along the coast and through magical secret curvy streets into other worlds.
The smell of salt and flowers.
Of sitting on cliffs over the surf and watching the sky melt.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

11,371 (II)

Some things that are rockin my socks this lazy hazy Sunday ~
trips to the dollar store where we stocked up on necessities like inflatable monkeys and flamingos
tiny colanders, junk food for RSB, post yoga gatorade, and such
buy one get one free pizzas on the way home with ever so perfectly crispy crust and gooey cheesyness
(and an extra *free* pizza for RSB's dinner tomorrow since I have zumba class til late) 
Getting a head start on tomorrow and making up rice and beans super early (going on a new eating kick)
Less than 1 month to OCNJ
rain on the trees
tomorrow is a new day



One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things
~henry miller~

Sometimes this overwhelming sense of wanderlust comes over me slowly, like sinking into a warm tub of water.  I imagine living somewhere else - usually the Pacific Northwest-mountains, sea, rawness, ancient trees-
I've been in Baltimore three years.  Longer than I ever planned.  The was all kind of fantastic adventures in shiny new worlds to be had.  RSB agreed that first we should move to the coast - then life got in the way and we settled into a comfortableness here.  And now we are moving - still in the county but closer to the city.  The world fell apart.  We didn't see it coming.  So we will be settling in a little longer, in a stellar filled with potential new pad.
So I am stoked for this adventure - even if it is only taking place 15 minutes away down York Rd.
And with the money we are saving in rent/electric/commute we will *hopefully* be able to plan a stellar NYE adventure - hopefully on the opposite coast in the Sierras.
RSB has got to get over this flying thing.  Or maybe just the smoking thing.  One of them, preferably both.
Hes cramping my gypsy soul style.